T-Shirts Will Ship!!!!!!!!

Hey guys. You may or may not know, we got banned by Shopify LOL...

Totally gooped situation. It's all good though.


btw before i forget, get on the mailing list. I send out like 2 emails a month if that, and this is the only way i have of updating you guys after im banned on everything :) :) :)


Even if you didn't get an email confirmation, don't worry about it. Unless you typed your info totally drunk and retarded, you will get your "supplies".

We are currently hauling ass on this. Most of the money is locked up by Shopify--they paid out like 60% of what it's going to cost to print and ship everything. I'm gonna pay for the rest out of pocket and hope they release the rest so that you guys don't get burned.

This is pretty much the only thing me and merchbro are gonna be working on until it's fully done. If u don't get an email back or a reply to a question please give us time to slog through all this before getting pissed!

As far as questions about 'did my order go through'-- every single person we've checked on, if the money came out of their account then the order was successful. If the money didn't move then the order was rejected. So if you were able to successfully make it through checkout, the order worked. Even if you did not get email confirmation.

Will we re-launch these shirts? No.. check eBay for official prices it'll probably be like $700 cus my shit is investment-grade baby

This is a joke and not a call for violence but if you see anyone wearing bootleg merch think of the nastiest thing you can do to them that's still legal and do that. Is gangstalking legal? I mean probably.. Talk to a lawyer before attempting any bootleg merch repo. But definitely go full psycho.

OK thats it.. love you guys very much thank you for bearing with me here and helping me rock it.