Oct 24

Opinions on Adolf Hitler?


Anyone know about this guy? I heard he caused quite a ruckus back in the day. A real troublemaker, some might even say. What's your take?

Oct 25

I am the modern Adolf Hitler and will bring about the Fourth Reich here in America. AMA

Oct 25

What's your favorite Anime?

Nov 7

@ayylmao What's an anime?

3 days ago

@starcraft09 It's like hentai but with a tad less raping.

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13 hours ago

Hitler? That guy was a real jerk!


Or so the (((Germans))) would have us believe...

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  • Bonk
    Oct 25
  • toobigtofailstein
    an hour ago

    I just got back from a trip to a big city that reminded me of just how massive my Time Mansion is and the sheer scope of what I'm dealing with. I have a solid plan for the future that doesn't include listening to my druggy friend bitch about the same problems he's been jerking off to for 8 years. Seriously: ONE girl, EIGHT YEARS. What in the fuck? Dude, I get it, your mom has bi-polar disorder and you heard the weed bubbler while you were growing up (not just a Sammy-boi meme, that's how he grew up); you can still rise above all of that. But nope, I'm wrong: Women are #queens and you're never going to be happy until all of the women in your life accept you unconditionally. Yeah, that's a dumbass way to live and you chase after pussy like its fresh drinking water in Namibia, but that's okay because society told you all of that sex with college whores is worth the psychological, financial, and social cost. Anyway (holy shit am I really that mercurial?), I just wanted to say that Sam's advice is great and his comedy keeps me sane and laughing. I don't know exactly what it is, but Sam's stuff seems to prevent me from getting too sensitive (such a nice feeling) and allows me to roll with the punches and keep things light even when other people try to make everything into WWIII. If I ever won the lottery, Sam would be getting 6 gorillion dollars. I'll keep supporting your stuff and bettering myself--- thanks for caring (not sarcastic). Love you Sam and thanks to your team who helps you out and anyone else who supports you.
  • eprylor
    Oct 29

    The MDE subreddit at its peak was still way better than the Cumtown subreddit is now but it's not even a competition between it and what's left of the MDE community currently. Sam killed one of the funniest Internet communities ever because he was too lazy to set up a proper transition plan. 8/mde/ was okay but now it's likely gone forever too or at least will be dead when it comes back, like everything else on 8chan.
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